Hong Kong waters and South China Sea have a diversity of marine fauna, of which a number of species are edible and economically important. Some of the major species are highly valued seafood and can be easily found in local restaurants and markets.

In view of their popularity and economic value in local markets, this web-page focuses on the marine invertebrate fauna, with an aim to help the public to familiarize with and identify these animals. 

The web-page also highlights the economic importance of these species. In total, 42 species in 29 genera and 23 families are described and illustrated by one or more photographs. A dichotomous key is constructed to assist readers to easily identify them. 


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In carrying out my final year project, I have received much encouragement and assistance from many institutions and individuals. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to my supervisors: Dr. Paul Shin & Dr. S. G. Cheung, Department of Biology and Chemistry, for their effort and encouragement, guidance and suggestions throughout my project work.