Photos of the Month

July 2015 – Tram in Hong Kong Island

Tram is quite a unique means of public transport for users in the Hong Kong Island. If people try to observe carefully along the tram way when they use it to travel, the urban features of Hong Kong can be well demonstrated through the 1 hour or so journey. This series of photo shows the view we can see when taking the tram from the eastern-most terminal in Shau Kei Wan up to Admiralty. Focus is concentrated on the footbridge that convenient pedestrian for crossing the tram-route. Of course, there is much more to see other than just the footbridges. 電車是香港島一種獨有的交通工具。如果乘客在個多小時的遊程中,著意一點去沿途觀看,不難看到港島奇麗的城市風貌與性格。本輯照片試圖介紹從電車的東面起點,自筲箕灣至金鐘全長約10公里的車程中的所見,其中尤以沿途橫經的行人天橋作為一個焦點,從中給讀者去體會一下港島的城市特色。 

Created by Raymond Wong