Hong Kong

Hong Kong Roofscape

Existing Land Use Condition of Kai Tak

Magnificence of the city of Hong Kong

The Harbour and Waterfront of Hong Kong

Understanding HK from selected Photos

Examples of Graded Historic Buildings listed under the Antiquities and Monuments Office, HKSAR Government

Hong Kong Harbor - Promenade

Hong Kong Harbor - Coastal Highway

Hong Kong Harbor - Other Oversea Harbor Cities

Redeveloping Old Districts - General

Redeveloping Old Districts - Major Projects

回歸後香港社會發展多面睇 – 有關香港社會/基礎建設

1. 戰後香港的基建成就- 背景資料

2. 戰後香港的基建成就- 關鍵建設

3. 戰後香港的基建成就- 十大基建

Airport Core Project in 1990s


* Hong Kong Recent Infrastructure Development

1a - HK Infrastructure development in the 1990s

1b - HK Infrastructure development, airport projects

1c - HK Infrastructure development, highway and railway

2a - HK Infrastructure development, Central reclamation

2b - HK Infrastructure development, Deep Bay Link and Route 8

2c - Hong Kong - Shenzhen Western Corridor

3 - HK Infrastructure development, the West Rail project

4 – Highway Project, Widening of Castle Peak Road

5 – Strategic Development project, Container Terminal 9

6 – Strategic Development project, Cyperport and HKCEC New Extension

7 – Strategic Development project, New Land formation & Kai Tak

8 – Recent Railway Development in Hong Kong

9 – Hong Kong Harbour and City Study

10 – Current Condition of Previous Kai Tak Airfield and the South-East Kowloon Redevelopmen


* 10 Major Infrastructure Projects

Transportation Infrastructure

Cross-boundary Infrastructure Projects

New Urban Development Areas

10 Major Infrastructure Projects, Overall (2010)




Temples in Shao Quan

The City of Shanghai

Life of construction workers in mainland China




* Guangzhou Studies Series

A Brief Overview of Recent Guangzhou City Development

The City of Guangzhou

General Introduction 廣州的認識

Street & Lane 街道及小巷

Xiguan House 西關大屋

Guangzhou Housing 廣州的居住情況

Landscaping 廣州近年的綠化成就

Pearl River 珠江兩岸新形象

Theme Street 廣州市的特色主題街道

Shamen 沙面建築群與其風情

Guangzhou Infrastructure 廣州近年城市建設發展

Guangzhou New City Axle 廣州東軸新焦點 – 東站廣場

Guangzhou Convention Center 廣州國際會展中心

The reforming and upgrading of the Dong Ho Stream project 廣州東濠涌整治及環境優化計劃

Yan Nang Road Redevelopment Project in Liwan 荔灣區恩寧路重建計劃

A brief introduction about the Facilities for the 16th Asia Games in Guangzhou



City Condition Inside the Old Districts of Guangzhou廣州老城區的現貌

An Overview of Recent Infrastructure and City Development of Guangzhou 綜觀近年廣州的城市與基建發展

Transportation Facilities of Guangzhou 廣州近年的交通基建設施

Trees inside the city of Guangzhou



Construction of Guangzhou TV Tower


* Study of the Shanghai City 具歷史文化價值的上海老房子系列




上海 - 重建的辛酸過程


上海新天地 - 保育還是地產

上海 - 思南公館








* Study of Macau

An Overview of Macau’s Recent Development


* Other China Cities


西安之考察系列之:關中民俗藝術博物館 第一部分

西安之考察系列之:關中民俗藝術博物館 第二部分






Chongqing : City feature and Recent Urban Development

Chongqing : The Urban Composition and Infrastructure Development

Chongqing : The Old City and Her Urban Condition

Chongqing : Old City Views and the Heritages

Chongqing : Chongqing Transforming into a Modern City

Wuhan series 1 – Brief photographic introduction about Wuhan Tiandi (武漢天地)

Xiannong Complex, Tinanjin 天津先農大院項目


Other Cities World-Wide


Preservation of Traditional Buildings with Heritage Value in Asian Cities with Colonial Background

A brief look of the city features of Istanbul (Turkey)

Manchester, Highlight of the city heritage and representative revitalized cases, part 1

Manchester, Highlight of the city heritage and representative revitalized cases, part 2

Building with Glass wall, Singapore

Colonial Arch-China cities

Colonial Arch-Singapore-Malay

The city of Singapore (Part 1)

The city of Singapore (Part 2)

The City of Singapore – Modern Residential Buildings

A Brief Overview of the Canel Network inside the Old Town Area of Amsterdam

Environmental Studies

Introduction about the implementation of Green Building Design and Practices in HK

Green and Sustainable Buildings - Design Criteria and Application in Hong Kong


General Urban / Heritage Study Topics

Introduction to Heritage Study under City Environment

Built heritage conservation policy in Singapore

Heritage Preservation : Hong Kong & Overseas Experiences

Past and current conditions of heritage buildings exist inside cities

Ruins and its preservation as a form of the heritage Part 1

Ruins and its preservation as a form of the heritage Part 2

Saving Industrial Heritage

The city of York


文化創意產業相關的保育個案 - 中國篇