Material for Professional Seminars

Seminar for Society of Registered Safety Officers on 27 September 2016

Special Site Reality for Construction Works and How it Related to Safety


Seminar for Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation

Construction highlight of Route 8

Construction highlight of Central-Wanchai Bypass


二○一六年六月份王煒文中國文化國情論壇 - 自明末以來從西方人眼中所見的中國建築特徵



中國發展論壇之 - 近十年間在中國興辦的現代佛教建設的建築特徵



傳統佛教建築的佈局 (成都聖慈寺)


HKIE Seminar : A review of the evolution of construction technology and practices of Hong Kon from 1950s up till present   香港自50年代至今,建築在傳統、行業結構、制度與技術的轉變

A review of the evolution of constructio ntechnology and practices of Hong Kong from 1950s uptill present

Trend in the Development and application of building technology and other construction systems since 1990


Engineers Australia HK Chapter (EAHK) Seminar

A review of HK’s highway construction since 1990s


Talk for Technical Training Program

Construction Planning for Large-Scale works, final [Compatibility Mode]


HKIE Seminar : Construction of large-size and complex buildings using steel and composite design, Hong Kong and China cases

File 1

File 2

File 3


Talk on HKICM & AIB on Construction of large-size and complicated basement

The Construction of Deep and Complex Basements and underground structures within extremely difficult urban environment

An updated visual summarize about the construction of Chow Tai Fook Tower, Guangzhou

Construction of a Semi-Buried Building – A Super-sized Shopping Mall : The Festival Walk

Large-scale site formation for a residential development at Sheung Shing Street, Ho Man Tin - The Celestial Heights Project

Redevelopment of the Lee Tung Street


Seminar for HKIE Geotechnical Division on Large-scale rock cuttings

Review of recent building and civil works that involved large‐scale slope or rock cuttings


CIOB Seminar : Revitalization cases in Europe and China Cities

1. Revitalization cases in Europe

2. Revitalization cases in Shanghai, overall

3. Revitalization cases in Shanghai, the North Bund

4. Revitalization cases in Shanghai, the Sinan Mansion

5. Revitalization & Creativity industry in China

6. Repair historic building by other engineering means


Talk for HKICW on Demolition cases, 15 April 2014

Demolition Practices – an Review of Recent Project Cases (Demolition within Urban Environment)

Preserving and revitalizing historic buildings in Hong Kong in which demolition constitutes a major work component

值得深思與觀望的重建/保育個案 – 外灘源(北外灘)的發展