Honors and Awards

       Fellow of IOP, Institute of Physics, UK, 2023. (Certificate)

       China: Top Cited Paper Award, IOP Publishing, UK, 2023. (Certificate)

       IOP Trusted Reviewer Status, IOP Publishing, UK, 2023. (Certificate)

       Changjiang Chair Professor, Changjiang Scholars Program, Ministry of Education, China, 2020/2021.

       Minjiang Chair Professor, Department of Education, Fujian Province, China, 2020/2021.

       Hong Kong Mathematical Society Young Scholar Award, 2019. (Certificate) and (News)

       Faculty/School Performance Award in Scholarly Work, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2018

       Calderon Prize, Inverse Problems International Association, 2017.  (Certificate) and (News)

       Academic Staff Fellowship, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2017.

       MeidaV Young Researcher Award at The 8th International Conference on Inverse Problems and Related Topics in Seoul in 06/2016. (Certificate) and (News)

       The paper "Enhanced Near-Cloak by FSH Lining" was awarded Highly Cited Research by the Journal des Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees in 12/2016. (Certificate) and (News)

       The paper, "Fourier method for recovering acoustic sources from multi-frequency far-field data" was selected into Editorial Hihglights of 2017 by Inverse Problems.

       The paper "Determining both sound speed and internal source in thermo- and photo-acoustic tomography" was selected into Editorial Highlights of 2015 by Inverse Problems.