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不追求卓越不行 是誰要我做人生勝利組?


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Purpose in Life (The Four Levels of Happiness)

Another Essay About the Four Levels of Happiness


Book: “New Proofs for the Existence of God” by Fr. R.J. Spitzer (2010). The book is available in CityU library.

Book: 耶穌基督普遍救恩 - 吳智勳

Book: 基本倫理神學 - 吳智勳


Near Death Experiences Scientific Studies (original link)

Am I Listening to God or the Other Guy? Three Rules for Discerning Spirits


Comments on the Four Levels of Happiness


I try to teach my child to look for Level 3 happiness. I think it is a much healthier way to study and life.


Some salient points to be noted are:

1.     The theory is not to say that higher level happiness is more important than lower level happiness. All four levels are important to our well beings and have their unique values in enriching our life.

2.     It is rather to say that pursuing higher level happiness is more meaningful than lower level happiness.

3.     If pursuing Level 2 happiness, one would not be really happy in all of the following situations: i) losing; ii) drawing; iii) winning.  People in ii) are never satisfied with themselves. People in iii) are under a lot of pressure to continue to perform.

4.     People develop contempt or a condescending attitude towards losers if Level 2 is their dominant mode of happiness. Interestingly, others will show the same attitude towards them if they lose. 

5.     People who are learning to switch from Level 2 to 3 may go through a stage of comparing magnitude of contributions, which is a Level 2 idea. Actually, pursuing Level 3 happiness is not about comparing the magnitude of contributions. Also, the amount of contributions may become more or less as we grow older and it’s alright.


For more details, please refer to the book:  The Spirit of Leadership, Optimizing Creativity and Change in Organizations” by Fr. R.J. Spitzer (2000). Also see “Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life, A Practical Guide to Prayer for Active People” by Fr. R.J. Spitzer (2008). Both books are available in CityU library.


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- Far Away in the Depths of my Spirit  violin solo

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Dr. Yuen is married and has a lovely sixteen-year-old daughter. In his spare time, he likes playing badminton, violin, seeing movies and reading.  His favourite schools are St. Peter’s Primary School, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and University of Sussex; and amongst many good teachers, Ms. Yip (葉啟貞老師), Mr. Chi Hung Chiu (趙子雄老師) (in primary school), Dr. Dennis N.K. Leung (in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), and Prof. David Hogg (in University of Sussex) are particularly noteworthy teachers that have influenced him positively.