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CityU Shenzhen Biotech & Health Centre 

Shenzhen Key Lab for Biochip Research



With the growing amount of interactions between Hong Kong and Mainland China, CityU has stepped up its activities in the Pearl River Delta region.

+ 2000, becoming a member of Shenzhen Virtual University Park 
+ 2001, CityU Shenzhen Research Institute being established 
+ 2002, CityU Research Institute (Shenzhen) Limited Corporation coming into existence 
+ 2006, becoming a member of Shenzhen National University Technology Park 
+ 2007, investing and constructing CityU Shenzhen Research Building
Through the Shenzhen Research Institute , CityU wishes to contribute to the economic and social development of Hong Kong and the region through greater integration of both areas.


CityU Shenzhen Biotech & Health Centre is one of the four Applied R&D Centres of CityU Shenzhen Research Institute and endeavoured in applied research, aiming to establish a series of leading technology platforms for the study of biochip technology, development of microfluidics and biosensors, nanobiotechnology and so on. Based on the Centre's achievements, it was authorized to constitute the Shenzhen Key Lab for Biochip Research in Dec 2006.In order to provide a formal, high-level collaborative network for carrying out joint R&D projects, bringing in search funding and training graduate students, the Centre/ the Key Lab set up 4 joint laboratories.

Joint Laboratory for Molecular Medicine 
----The Third Military Medical University
Joint Laboratory for Biochip Technology
-----Shanghai Inistitute of Microsystems and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Science
Joint Laboratory for Herbal Drug Research
-----National Engineering Center for Modernization of Chinese Medicine/ Peking Union Medical College/Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
Joint Laboratory for Drug Discovery 
-----Peking University School of Pharmacy