Free Field
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9. Free Field

When a point source (or any source that radiates equally in all directions) radiates into free space, the intensity of the sound varies as where r is the distance from the source. This may be understood as a given amount of sound power being distributed over the surface of an expanding sphere with area 4p r2 (see Fig. 5). Thus the intensity is given by :



Figure 5 Spherical Sound Waves in a Free Field


DiffuseF01.jpg (357362 bytes)


where W is the power of the source. An environment in which there are no reflections is called a free field. In a free field, the sound intensity level decreases by 6 dB each time the distance from the source is doubled. The sound intensity level (or sound pressure level) at a distance of one meter from a source in a free field is 11 dB less than the sound power level of the source. This is easily shown as follows:




Similarly, it can be shown that at a distance of two meters, Li is 17 dB less than Lw.