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Community Noise: Introducrtion

In Hong Kong, with its large population within the limited coastal plains, noise pollution imposes a severe pollution problem. In order to cater for such a high population density, tall buildings are erected, and the crowded environment implies that any pollution such as noise will affect a greater number of people than would a more open environment. In this respect, Hong Kong is more susceptible than most cities to all forms of pollution.

People in Hong Kong suffer from many types of noise, of which aircraft noise, traffic noise, construction noise, and industrial noise are the prominent examples. The areas affected cover nearly the whole of Hong Kong. Other less serious or more localized noises found are air-conditioner noise, helicopter noise, noise from the railway and mass transit railway, and noise from power-supply equipment such as transformers. Apart from the above, noises from radio, television, hi-fi, mahjong, parties, people, and so forth are less serious. However, the persistent of these noises at night hours can be very disturbing.

Equipment in offices and appliances in homes can also be noise producers. Fortunately, the duration of operation of home appliances is usually not long enough to arouse disgust. Nevertheless the noises from office equipment can become a nuisance because of long hours of operation.

On the whole, the high population density, the tall buildings and their proximity and economical design, the lack of open spaces, the narrow roads, and finally the hilly nature of Hong Kong are the factors which amplify the problems of noise pollution in this place.