A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.
-- Charles M. Schwab

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Associate Professor || BEng (Tsinghua), MA (CASS),  MPhil (CPHK), MSc (CMU), PhD (Sheffield)
With a BEng in computer science, I once attempted a career in linguistics but ended up with a PhD back in computer science with Yorick Wilks and  then with a job in a linguistic department, leaving me no choice but to work on computational linguistics while dreaming of computational poetics. -:)

Department of Chinese, Translation & Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong
|| Rm: B7608 || Tel.: +852 2788 9310 (O),  9380 1738 (M), +86 136 5881 2972 || Fax: (+852) 2788 8706, 2788 8720 || E-mail: ctckit (a) cityu.edu.hk || 

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Research  Interests:    Computational linguistics, computational poetry/poetics, computational terminology, machine translation, machine learning of natural language, Chinese poetry, ... 
Teaching:    Computational linguistics, machine translation, terminology, corpus linguistics, general linguistics, Chinese computing,  parsing,  information retrieval & text processing,  ...

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