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DCO20106 System and Network Programming with PowerPoint, lab. sample program DCO20203 Internet Security   with  PowerPoint, lab. and sample question 

DCO10105 C++ Programming with  PowerPoint, lab. and sample question 

DCO2230 Computer Architecture  and Operating Systems (Semester A)

DCO2310 Data Communications (Semester B)

DCO10960 Foundations of Information Technology  with  PowerPoint slides, lab. sheets and sample questions 

DCO3310 Networking Fundamental This shows the transparency, on-line assessment 11/06/2000 DCO10801 Introduction to Web Programming  with  PowerPoint, lab. and sample question  DCO10103 Introduction to Web Programming  supplementary notes
Messages from Programme Leaders or Deputies This section groups all the important messages that have been sent out to students as reference. Employer's Perception on Associate Degree Graduates. This section shows the survey done by DCO staff with regard to the computing skills and personal qualities on Associate Degree graduates. This is useful for final year students to sharpen their earning power. Further Studies This section shows the hyper-links to various Universities in UK and Australia and my personal opinion about further studies.
Interview techniques This section shows your the interview techniques and hyperlinks two useful websites that advise you how to get a job and how to perform better during an interview. (20/02/2001) Statistics This page shows the usage of all pages. Useful Computing tools This section hyperlinks the useful software tools, shareware and programme code. The purpose is to streamline your project design and enlighten your understanding on application.