After you have finished writing, click on the buttons to see my advice about the use of various writing "styles". Please note that this script works with Internet Explorer and Opera only.

Is there a period (full-stop) at the end of each and every sentence? (If you find that you are using comma after comma, there may be a problem.)

Are you using double modals in a clause / sentence? e.g. "May ... can...?", "Do you will ...?" If you are, make sure you remove one of them.

Do you end your verbs with an "s" or "ed" even when they are immediately preceded by a modal? e.g. can helps, will plans, must visited, should revised. If you do, make sure you omit the "s" or "ed/d". Or you can consider removing the modal.

Are you using quite a few connectives? e.g. on the contrary, on the other hand, other than that, besides, as a result. If you are, are you perfectly sure you are using them correctly? If you are not, either just get rid of them or replace them with something easier.

Are you using two fully inflected verbs in one single clause? e.g. Students attend classes should be optional because ..... If you are, change one of the verbs into the -ing form. Or you can expand the clause to include a subordinate clause in it. e.g. Whether students attend classes should be optional

Avoid using the "there is/are" structure if there is already a fully inflected verb in your sentence. e.g. There is a university student commit suicide recently because of study pressure. Simply say: "A university student commmitted suicide recently because of study pressure."

Check your verbs to see if they are used in the right form. For example, "will finished" is not a correct verb form. Check the passive forms to see if they consist of any version of "be" followed by a past participle. e.g. "is/are/was/were/will be/would be/has been/have been/had been finished"
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