International Conference on Inverse Problems

Recent Developments in Theories and Numerics

City University of Hong Kong

January 9-12, 2002

  List of Sessions
    Main Scopes/Applicable Disciplines        
  • Financial Problems
  • Image Processing Problems
  • Inverse Problems Related to the Industries
  • Geophysics Problems
  • Nodal Problems
  • Inverse Optimization Problems
  • Parameter Identification and Control
  • Inverse Scattering Problems
  • Spectral Problems
  • Inverse Wave Problems
  • Inverse Conductivity Problems
  • Inverse Aerodynamic Problems
    The following recent theoretical developments and numerical approaches in related to the above scopes are emphasized:
      Theoretical Development and Numerical Approaches        
  • Well-Posedness
  • Uniqueness
  • Stability
  • Reconstruction Scheme
  • Numerical Methods


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