Marine Fauna and Ecology in Hong Kong

The aim of this web page is to introduce the marine fauna and ecology in Hong Kong, from information compiled by students through their efforts in the Final Year Projects, as well as from our research studies. We hope to generate a wider interest for the appreciation of the diversity of our marine animals and their ecology in Hong Kong. Studying classification and taxonomy, in particular, can be painful and boring. Yet, this is an important element in understanding the biodiversity of our ecosystems. Using the various features of the web, we try to depict the different groups of marine animals that can be found locally, in a more vivid manner. There are basic information of morphological features of the animal groups, images of whole animals and/or specific body parts, dynamic keys to family, genus or species levels, and other data related to ecological or commercial significance.

We have also produced a CD-ROM on "Marine Ecological Habitats in Hong Kong", which depicts a diversity of habitats, images and description of associated animals, and sampling techniques. A web-based version of this CD-ROM is now available for viewing. We are in the process of developing more materials, which will be uploaded on the web. This is our first step in building a comprehensive web site on marine fauna and ecology in Hong Kong. Enjoy web-surfing! If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.


Dr. Siu Gin CHEUNG                                     Dr. Paul K.S. SHIN

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Department of Biology & Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Komg


Please click onto the following links to access the following web pages:


Marine errant polychaetes in Hong Kong    Marine Errant Polychaetes in Hong Kong. This web page describes 14 common marine errant polychaete families found in Victoria Harbour, Tolo Harbour and Tai Long Wan of Hong Kong.


Marine sedentary polychaetes in Hong Kong   Marine Sedentary Polychaetes in Hong Kong. This web page describes 17 common marine sedentary polychaete families found in Victoria Harbour and Tolo Harbour of Hong Kong.


Economically important marine fishes in Hong Kong   Economically Important Marine Fishes in Hong Kong. This web page depicts 61 species in 32 families of marine fishes commonly found in local markets or inshore waters of Hong Kong. 


Economically important marine invertebrates in Hong Kong  Economically Important Marine Invertebrates in Hong Kong. This web page describes 40 species in 21 families of marine invertebrates (crustaceans, molluscs, holothuroids) commonly found in local markets or inshore waters of Hong Kong.


Marine ecological habitats in Hong Kong Marine Ecological Habitats in Hong Kong. This web page is based on the CD-ROM produced by us, but modified for web delivery. It covers maps, habitat and animal description, sampling techniques and glossary for some 40 shore and subtidal habitats that we visited in Hong Kong. Including in this page are about 200 animal images and video clips.


Click and Match Game Click and Match. A computer game to provide a platform for students to enhance their learning interest and construct their knowledge in exploring the relationship between morphological adaptations of marine fish and abiotic/biotic factors in different habitats, using a problem-based, block-building approach. [This web page is best viewed using Internet Explorer with 1042x768 pixels.] 


new.gif (116 bytes)A Web-based Marine Fauna Resource Centre for Conservation and Environmental Management  - This is an ECF (Environment and Conservation Fund) project with an aim at establishment of a resource centre containing reference information from publications on biology, ecology, pollution and conservation in Hong Kong, for use by biologists, ecologists and other professionals who are engaged in conservation and environmental management work locally and in the region. If you have new publications related to the above topics, please submit information to us so that we can update the database for everyone's benefits.   [This web page is best viewed using Internet Explorer with 1042x768 pixels.]   


An On-Line Course on Marine Ecology (under construction) - This on-line course intends to provide students basic information on the oceans and aspects of population, behavioral and foraging ecology. The course is designed by a student, who understands more what fellow students need.




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