Current Courses

EF5143: Int'l Financial Mgmt

All correspondence should take place through The course covers 1) the exchange rate and the current account, and relates their determination to world capital markets and the domestic macroeconomy, 2) financial instruments that facilitate management of foreign exchange risks for international businesses, and 3) the development and use of cryptocurrencies. Click here for more course information.

Visualizing Economics

EF5042: Corporate Finance

This course covers issues and analytical tools relevant for valuing projects, divisions and corporations. Topics include theories of discounted cash flow valuation (DCF) and relative valuation using market multiples. Click here for more course information.

Despite being an introductory course in corporate finance, I emphasize on practical applications of valuation methodologies. Students are expected to complete group projects that are critiqued in class by industry practitioners at the end of the semester. My objective is to facilitate student interactions with practitioners in Hong Kong who extensively use the valuation techniques taught in the course.

Companies represented by past industry participants are listed below:

Year Semester Companies
2020 A
2019 A
2018 A

EF4312: Mergers and Acquisitions

This course is designed to provide the tools necessary to understand and analyze corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A), restructuring, and corporate governance. Specifically, this course aims to 1) introduce institutional knowledge of M&A in the U.S., 2) demonstrate valuation techniques in the context of M&A, 3) explore economic theories, practice, and empirical evidence related to M&A, and 4) develop analytical frameworks to understand hypothetical and past M&A activities. Click here for more course information.