Notes for PhD Applicants

  • You are mostly welcomed to apply Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme.  If you are nominated and in the CityU’s short list of this scheme, you are guaranteed your PhD admission even you fail to obtain this fellowship finally. 
  • If you are already in the PhD programm at some elite mainland Universities (复旦,上交大,国科大等), you are mostly welcomed to apply the joint PhD programme(联合博士学位). In this programme, you can obtain the CityU’s PhD degree simultaneously within the same normal year of study and there is no financial cost required to be paid by students. The application deadline is usually in Janurary each year.
  • I am now mainly affilicated with School of Data Science (SDSC), and only recruit PhD students whose  graduation degree will be PhD in Data Science.  If you want to join the PhD program in Department of Mathematics, you may approach some MA  faculty for the possiblity of co-supervision. 
  • I generally do not take PhD applicants without contacting me before the application deadline (1 December each year).  
  • To maintain a high level of admission standard, the School will conduct a rigorous interview with the applicants and evaluate their academic qualifications. Journal publications may be counted as bonus. Cultural diversity will also be considered for HKPFS applicants. 
  • No conditional offer is guaranteed before you receive the official written offer letter. The Qualification exam (written exam) will be held at the end of the first year and the disqualified students have to leave the program. 

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  •  Research Associates: 
    • Dr Junfei Cao (Jan. 2015 - Feb.2016)  
    • Dr Houying Zhu (April 2016 —April 2016 )
    • Dr Ling Lin (April 2016  — August 2017)
    • Dr Hongqiao Wang (Oct.2018  —)

  •  Phd Students:  
    • Yiqun SUN (2013-2017): An improvement of minimum action method. 
      • next position: research assistant professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University
    • Shuting GU(2014-2018)  :  On methods for transition states
      • next position: tenure-track assistant professor at South China Normal Univeristy, Guangzhou.

  • Undergraduate  Students 
    • Liwei WU (2013-2014):  Extreme Event Modeling  (thesis, presentation, poster)
    • Yu CAO    (2014-2015):  Rare Event in Stochastic Systems (thesis, presentation)
      • current position:  PhD student, Dept. of Math, Duke University.
    • Yang LIU(Sept. 2015 - Aug 2016):  robust stochastic approximation
      • next position:  master student, Columbia University
    • Chun Sik CHAN (Sept. 2016 - Aug 2017):  algorithmic implementation of stochastic approximation
      • next position:  master student, HK UST and then a data scientist at OOCL, HK
    • Lue SHEN (Sept. 2016 - Aug 2017): CNN for image classification and speech recognition. His web.
      • next position:  master student, HK UST  and then a PhD student in HK UST.
    • Zhongjie SHI (Sept. 2017 - Aug 2018): deep neural network
      • next position:  Phd student, HK CityU
    • Yue WU (Sept. 2017 - Aug 2018): deep neural network

  • Visiting Students:  
    • Jing Leng (Jan. 2013, June 2014  from Fudan University, working on sadde point problem)
    • Shuiqing Liu (2014, from Fudan University)
    • Li Zhou (2018)


General Recruitment Information

Any kind of vision needs people” —— Nobu Matsuhisa a celebrity chef and restaurateur

Ten Lessons I Wish I Had Been Taught by  Gian-Carlo Rota

  •  for CityU  Undergraduate Students (mainly Final Year Project):
    • You have to be both ambitious and persistent; it is ok that your academic performancd is not top. 
    • You may be from any departments at CityU, not only Math. Strong interest in applied math and programming  is definitely required.
    • Send me your transcript form and list your points of interest and skill strengths.
    • It is a huge plus that you know iOS/Android APP development, tensorflow, Unity3D, Javascript, etc., If not, you need a good  GPA (>4.0). 
    • Willing to take risk; be entrepreneurial;  HKX  


  •  for Prospective PhD Students:
    • CityU application guide: the handbook of admission (deadline is usually 1 Dec. each year)
    • Study duration for PhD degree :  4 years (bachelor degree holder), 3 years (master degree holder)
    • Fulll financial support available:  HK UGC and my research grant
    • 六级>=490, Toefl >=550 or 79; IELTS>=6.5.
    • Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme  for  candidae with good track record.
    • Leverage any advantage of "one-country-two-system”.
    • The minority of oversea residents has a potential competence in admission.

  • for Prospective Research Assistants/Associates/Postdocs:
    • flexible scheme and rank 
    • supported entirely by my research grant (our university and department have no money for us and no office exclusively for you; so think seriously  when you apply for this position)
    • share common research interests or complementary research competence.