Xueping Wu
Associate Professor of Finance
Department of Economics and Finance, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong
83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Office Tel: (852) 3442 7577; Fax: (852) 3442 0195
Email: efxpwu@cityu.edu.hk;

Teaching in Current Semester 2019-20A: Investments (EF5052)


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Corporate Finance; Asset Pricing and Capital Markets; International Financial Management

Journal Publications:

  1. Wu, Xueping, Zheng Wang and Jun Yao, 2016, A rent protection explanation for SEO flotation method choice , Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis , 51, No. 3, 10391069.
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  9. Wu, Xueping, 2002, A Conditional Multifactor Analysis of Return Momentum, Journal of Banking and Finance 26, No. 8, 1675-1696. (Winner of the 2003 Iddo Sarnat Award, second place, for the Best Papers published in the 2002 issues of JBF).
  10. Wu, Xueping, 2000, A New Stochastic Duration Based on the Vasicek and CIR Term Structure Theories, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 27 (No. 7&8), 911-932.
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European Financial Management, Financial Management, Financial Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Finance, Journal of Futures Market, Journal of International Money and Finance, Pacific-Basin Financial Journal


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