Principal investigator

Dr. WANG, Feng [Curriculum Vitae]

Dr. WANG Feng obtained his BE (2001) and PhD (2006) degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from Zhejiang University. His PhD thesis was focused on the synthesis and characterization of lanthanide-doped fluoride nanomaterials under the supervision of Prof. Minquan Wang and Prof. Xianping Fan. He then carried out postdoctoral research work with Prof. Xiaogang Liu at the National University of Singapore and the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering in Singapore. He joined the faculty of City University of Hong Kong in 2012.

Research staff

Dr. ZHENG, Weilin (Postdoc)

2017-2021, PhD, Shanghai Jiaotong University
2014-2017, ME, Tongji University
2010-2014, BS, Fuzhou University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Dr. CHUN, Fengjun (Postdoc)

2015-2021, PhD, Southwest Jiaotong University
2011-2015, BS, Neijiang Normal University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Dr. CAO, Yaxin (Postdoc)

2017-2021, PhD, Lanzhou University
2015-2017, MS, Lanzhou University
2011-2015, BS, Lanzhou University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Dr. ZHANG, Xin (Postdoc)

2018-2023, PhD, City University of Hong Kong
2014-2018, BE, South China University of Technology

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Dr. GUO, Yang (Postdoc)

2019-2023, PhD, City University of Hong Kong
2015-2019, MSc, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2011-2015, BSc, Dalian Jiaotong University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Dr. LIU, Shengqiang (Postdoc)

2018-2023, PhD, University of Science and Technology Beijing
2014-2018, BE, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Dr. ZENG, Linxiang (Postdoc)

2017-2023, PhD, Zhejiang University
2009-2012, ME, Hunan Normal University
2005-2009, BE, Changzhi University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Postgraduate students

Mr. WANG, Yanze (PhD student)

2017-2020, MSc, China Jiliang University
2013-2017, BSc, University of Jinan

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Mr. CHEN, Jiangkun (PhD student)

2017-2020, MSc, Fujian Normal University
2013-2017, BSc, Fujian Normal University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Mr. XING, Zhifeng (PhD student)

2017-2020, MSc, South China Normal University
2012-2016, BSc, Dalian Jiaotong University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Ms. WEI, Xiaohe (PhD student)

2018-2021, MSc, Lanzhou University
2014-2018, BSc, Lanzhou University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Ms. KANG, Ning (PhD student)

2020-2021, MSc, Imperial College London
2016-2020, BE, Sichuan University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Mr. LI, Shuohan (PhD student)

2019-2023, BE, China University of Geosciences

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Mr. GE-ZHANG, Shangjie (PhD student)

2019-2023, BSc, Northeast Forestry University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

Ms. DAI, Xiaoru (Visiting student)

2020-now, PhD Candidate, Zhejiang University
2017-2020, BSc, China Jiliang University

Office:  P7621
Phone: -

MSc and FYP students

Ms. JIANG Nan (MSc)
Mr. CHEN Lijing (MSc)
Ms. PENG Hai Lan (FYP)

Former members


Ms. MAK Wai Ling (FYP, 2023)
Ms. REN Xiaolin (FYP, 2022)
Mr. LIN Hui-En (FYP, 2022)
CHOW Kwong On (FYP, 2021)
FUNG King Ho (FYP, 2021)
CHIU Tin Wa (FYP, 2021)
ADITYA Bernardus Dimas (FYP, 2020)
LI Nok Ching (FYP, 2020)
SHEA Chun Lam (FYP, 2020)
WONG Nok Hang Enoch (FYP, 2020)
CHEUNG Shu Yuen (FYP, 2019)
LAM Siu Tung (FYP, 2019)
LAW Chun Lok (FYP, 2019)
LO Siu Ting (FYP, 2019)
LEE Ho Long (FYP, 2018)
CHUNG Mei Nog (FYP, 2018)
TSO Tsz Wai (FYP, 2018)
Ms. LAM Chau Fan (FYP, 2017)
Ms. LAM Yun Tung (FYP, 2017)
Mr. YIU Kim Ming (FYP, 2017)
Ms. NG Ka Po (CWS, 2017)
Mr. ZHANG Weiwei (FYP, 2016)
Ms. HON Wing Yi (FYP, 2016)
Mr. NG Chun Man (FYP, 2016)
Mr. YIM Wing Shun (FYP, 2016)
Mr. HUNG Chun Fai (FYP, 2015 S+A)
Ms. Lee Ho Yan Sharon(FYP, 2015)
Mr. LI Ka Ho (FYP, 2015)
Ms. MA Hoi Wan Wendy (FYP, 2014)
Mr. LAU Wai Wang (FYP, 2014)
Mr. CHENG Chi Leung (FYP, 2014)
Mr. LUNG Wan Fung (FYP, 2014)


Dr. GUO Yang (PhD 2019-2023)
Dr. ZHANG Xin (PhD 2018-2023)
Dr. SONG Nan (Joint PhD 2017-2023)
Ms. Zoie SO Wai Yi (MSc, 2022-2023)
Mr. WEI Han-Lin (Visiting student, 2021-2022)
Ms. JI Zhouyu (MSc, 2021-2022)
Dr. ZHU Qi (PhD 2017-2022)
Dr. REN Biyun (PhD 2017-2021)
Dr. ZHAO Jianxiong (PhD 2016-2020)
Dr. YANG Xueqing (PhD 2015-2019)
Dr. DU Yangyang (PhD, 2015-2019)
Ms. CHEN Sichang (MSc, 2018-2019)
Dr. KONG Wei (PhD, 2014-2018)
Dr. SUN Tianying (PhD, 2014-2018)
Dr. CHEN Bing (Visiting student, 2014-2016)
Dr. CHEN Xian (PhD, 2013-2017)
Dr. CHEN Wei (PhD, 2014-2016)
Mr. XIE Shengjie (Visiting student, 2018.7-12)
Ms. GAN Maria (MSc, 2017-2018)
Mr. NIU Zheng (MSc, 2015-2016)
Ms. MA Yuhui (MSc, 2015-2016)
Mr. DENG Xian (MSc, 2013-1014)


Dr. SUO Hao (HK Scholar, 2021-2023)
Dr. CHEN Bing (Postdoc, 2017-2022)
Dr. LI Dongyu (Visiting Scholar, 2019-2020)
Dr. SUN Tianying (Postdoc, 2018-2019)
Dr. ZOU Hua (Visiting Scholar, 2018-2019)
Dr. LIN Pengcheng (Visiting Scholar, 2018)
Dr. LI Yong (Visiting Scholar, 2016-2017)
Dr. JU Qiang (Postdoc, 2013-2015)
Dr. PENG Dengfeng (Postdoc, 2013-2015)
Dr. TANG Peisong (Visiting Scholar, 2014)
Dr. WEN Hongli (Postdoc, 2012-1013)