Research Interest

Dr. Jr-Hau (J.H.) He put his efforts into the design of new nanostructured architectures for Nanophotonics and the next generation of nanodevices, including Photovoltaics (PV), and Resistive memory. He is also involved in directly observing resistive switching of memory device using in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and electron beam lithography technique. In addition, he has been extensively working on PEC energy conversion applications including water splitting, CO2 reduction (Solar Fuels)


1) Next Generation of Al Chips: Memristor synapses for neuromorphic computing

2) Solar Fuels: Photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation and CO2 reduction

3) Nanostructured photovoltaics: Si- and III-V-based solar cells with novel nanostructures/quantum structures, and organic/inorganic hybrid solar cells

4) Optical and Transport properties of 2D materials based on graphene and MoS2 and 1D materials based on metal oxide, Si, and so on

5) Energy and light harvesting employing nanomaterials for solar cells, photodetectors, LEDs

6) Harsh electronics: photodetector, solar cell, memory, and nanogenerator for use in the harsh environments

7) Surface effect on the optical and electronic properties of oxide devices