General Feature

   Amphinomidae are commonly found in shallow waters. They are also known as fire worms. The spines of the worms, if touched, can cause general discomfort or infections.

   They are highly coloured animals with distinct patterns.They have either elongated or ovate and flatterned bodies. 

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   1- 5 antennae and palps present. A caruncle present. Pharynx with eversible ventral pad. No jaws.

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              Dorsal view

Parapodia and Setae

   Notosetae and neurosetae in tufts. Notosetae have protective spinous setae. Branchiae in branching tufts.

amphinomidae(S)2.jpg (44792 bytes) Biramous parapodia


 Capillary setae 


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Amphinomidae Dorvilleidae Eunicidae Glyceridae Goniadidae Hesionidae Lumbrineridae Nephytidae Nereidae Onuphidae Phyllodocidae Pilargiidae Polynoidae Sigalionidae

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