General Feature

   Body elongate with rectangular segments and white in colour. Neptyidae inhabit in sandy mud and burrow actively.

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Whole segment


   Prostomium is small and pentagonal in shape with 4 antennae.

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   Proboscis is large and muscular. It has papillae on the surface and a pair of internal jaws.

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Proboscis of Nephtyidae

Parapodia and Setae

   Parapodia are biramous with well developed rami and complex presetal and postsetal lobes.

   Setae are simple. Interrama cirri (branchiae) present.

nephtynidae(S)1.jpg (31034 bytes)Biramous parapodia


  nephtynidae(S)2.jpg (24833 bytes)

Denticulate setae






nephtynidae(S)5.jpg (37594 bytes)Forked seta




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Amphinomidae Dorvilleidae Eunicidae Glyceridae Goniadidae Hesionidae Lumbrineridae Nephytidae Nereidae Onuphidae Phyllodocidae Pilargiidae Polynoidae Sigalionidae

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