General Feature

   Goniadidae look similar to Glyceridae. The major difference between them is the morphology of the pharynx.

   Goniadidae have papillae on the proboscis located with a pair of macrognaths and micrognaths. A longitudinal row of V-shaped chevrons appears at the base of the proboscis.

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Whole segment


   Prostomium is conical in shape, 4 antennae present.

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Parapodia and Setae

   Anterior part of parapodia is uniramous, and posterior part is biramous.

   Notosetae are simple, neurosetae are compound.

gonaididae(S)6(anter).jpg (14150 bytes)               

Anterior parapodia uniramous  

Posterior parapodia


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gonadidae(S)3(post).jpg (41082 bytes)Spinigerous setae



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